Full Moon Manifestation Meditation in Aquarius

full moon manifest manifestation meditation moon soulwork Aug 10, 2022
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Full Moon Manifestation Meditation in Aquarius

If you were free to be any version of you - who would you be? 


An Aquarius full moon is all about digging into our own individuality. Its energy lends itself to delving into our behavior so we can see what patterns help us and what hinders us. Living a life of freedom is key here.  


Manifesting with the Moon’s cycles is a journey I have been on for a few years now. I’ll be sharing in more detail the actual method I practice over the next few months. Today, I wanted to gift this Aquarius Full Moon meditation to you, since it really feels like its the partner of the Lion’s Gate meditation I posted a few days ago. You can jump straight into the meditation or you can read on and learn a little bit on how to craft a Full Moon Manifestation Statement. Aquarius is all about rule breaking so the choice is yours :)


  1. When you manifest on a full moon do it with a present tense statement, as though it already exists. Put yourself in those thoughts and feelings like you have them now. I’ll be going into the energetics around this and the new moon in a forthcoming post. But for now, just think of it as this - when the moon is full, so too is my wish - it has been brought to life. 
  2. Its always more potent to manifest within the traits of the zodiac sign the moon is in. Today the full moon is in Aquarius. Aquarius energy is all about individuality - figuring out how we are and where we stand in our society. Not surprisingly themes on power, freedom and success play into it. 
  3. So this is an ideal time to manifest about where you want to be in networks for example. 
  4. Say you want to manifest something completely out of aquarius’ wheel house - that's fine too. Just make sure you do it as a present tense statement. 
  5. If you really want a manifestation to come true then it's always best to align its energy with the highest good for you and all involved. If something is born from gratitude and love its far more likely to come in. 


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