Lions Gate Activation - Light Code Meditation

lionsgate meditation Aug 07, 2022
Spiritual Mixtape
Lions Gate Activation - Light Code Meditation

Every year on the 8th August (or 8/8) a special energetic portal opens up. It's a rare opportunity where our innate physical power and love in this world can be amplified - when we consciously connect to the higher dimensions.

Astrologically speaking - Just before sunrise on the 8/8 Sirius rises just above the horizon. This is special because it is the brights star in the sky and this is the day when it is closest to the Earth and it aligns with Orions belt. The fact this all happens in Leo season has been considered significant since ancient times. When the dates, stars and signs align like this the synergistic energy is amplified. It's truly a time to receive information as well as level up our intuition. 

This meditation connects you with your unique frequency so you can step through this gate and draw more of the same to you. Powerful love will attract more powerful love. In this practice we use light codes. Light codes are part of our spiritual DNA. 

Be intentional with your energy and the natural flow of this time and lean into its deep magic. 

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