Oct 09, 2022 Moving with the Moon - Full Moon In Aries Intro

Can you feel the end of the year creeping up on you? Join us as the full moon🌕 peaks in Aries for a FREE #breathwork workshop and #soundbath to realize your goals and accomplish everything you've held in reserve all year.

Fiery Aries energy propels us towards success by giving us the...

Spiritual Mixtape
Full Moon Manifestation Meditation in Aquarius
Aug 10, 2022 Full Moon Manifestation Meditation in Aquarius

If you were free to be any version of you - who would you be? 


An Aquarius full moon is all about digging into our own individuality. Its energy lends itself to delving into our behavior so we can see what patterns help us and what hinders us. Living a life of freedom is key...