Mixtape Membership is like an invite to the afterparty and being fast-tracked to the front of the line all in one.

Keep yourself on the path of spiritual growth with the accountability of a community all dancing to the same tune.

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Trying to make those big life changes can be tough.

Life is a big space, but we all manage to fill it full of elements that are important to us. Trying to add in more can lead to overwhelm.

We all want to be better people, more present, more focused, but daily routines can soon be forgotten about in the torrent of our everyday lives.


Mixtape Membership is a straightforward way to incorporate change that you can actually feel happening, right into your everyday lifestyle.

With your membership you get access to a library of completely immersive breathwork sessions. These exclusive sessions are built from techniques that have come from the ancients, been tweaked by the futurists, and have been completely backed by science as proven ways to clear out your mind, consolidate your energy and focus on the present. 

You can dive into your library whenever the need takes you, but Mixtape Membership is also a community, a coming together of like-minded people, all on the same path.

This is the Woodstock (the good one) of modern wellness, where we build and grow together. With a super-welcoming, inclusive off-social community with group calls, challenges, and the support and accountability that you need to make a change in your life. 

What's Included

Your library is always there, packed with in-depth breathwork sessions, uniquely tailored to one aspect of your path of growth. A mix of audio and video sessions where you will start to feel the change within minutes of slipping into the sound. 
Exclusive access to a place where we can come together as one, sharing our wins, imparting our personal wisdoms and supporting our fellow mixtapers through their spiritual journey. 
Each month we will get together for our group session where Daisy will teach on that month's rhythm, expanding thoughts, answering questions and setting objectives.
To expand on the themes in your library, we will provide you with key journal prompts, so you can really focus on creating a change within yourself and bringing joy or struggles to the group.
Mixtape Membership gives you early access to everything coming out of Spiritual Mixtape, and believe us, there is a lot! New courses, exclusive retreats and specially selected merch are just the tip of the iceberg. 

Mixtape MONTHLY Membership

$44 per month

Equivalent of $528 per year

  • Exclusive access to our Off-Social Community
  • Access to the ever-expanding library of breathwork and soundbaths

  • Early access to new courses

  • Early access to retreats


Mixtape ANNUAL Membership


a saving of $195 per year

  • Exclusive access to our Off-Social Community
  • Access to the ever-expanding library of breathwork and soundbaths

  • Early access to new courses

  • Early access to retreats