What is Stopping Your From Moving Forward With the Life You Deserve?

We all get to a point in our lives where we need a little more clarity to help us move forward. You can choose to PRESS PLAY today and start to feel that momentum that has been eluding you.

Join us for this 5-day Masterclass where for 1 hour each evening, we will learn to grab hold of the life we are destined for. 

16 - 20 January 2023 - 5PM PST/8PM EST

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Join me on this spiritual journey to bring genuine growth to your life

Every evening, over five days, we will explore ways to transform your every day by focusing on your body, breath and beat.

We will embark on this Road Trip following a map set out by ancients, but grounded in modern practices that slot into your lifestyle with ease. 

Track 1 - Press Play

Welcome to the Breathwork control centre. We are going to learn the fundamentals of breathwork, take a tester journey and start to figure out what is blocking your growth. 

Track 2 - Press Eject

In the second session, we are going to look at your attachments, the tethers and limiting beliefs that are holding you back and move towards unshackling yourself. 

Track 3 - Press Record

Now that you are free from what was holding you back, it is time to replace those tethers with supportive habits that will carry you into a brighter, more fulfilling future. 

Track 4 - Press Fast Forward

Pressing Fast Forward is about looking to the future, about manifesting the person you truly want to be. Build a solid picture of who you are going to be and make it happen. 

Track 5 - Press Play Extended

This is Go Time! Today we connect all the dots, and bring it back to the start to actually Press Play on your life. Sink into this final Breathwork and let your new life begin. 

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What is Breathwork?

The core of what we do on the Road Trip is based in the practice of Breathwork. This is a meditative practice, based on breathing techniques, that actively encourage you to improve mental, physical, and spiritual well-being.

During Breathwork, you intentionally change your breathing patterns in a conscious and systematic way invoking great feelings of relaxation and vitality. 

I use Hypnobreathwork, which is a way of using the trance-like states that Breathwork can induce, to suggest ways to improve your life and move forward in a completely positive manner. 

Breathwork is life-changing and unlike many practices, its effects can be felt after only a few minutes.

So, go on, give it a try and join us on our spiritual Road Trip. 

Test the Power of Breathwork

This Journey Really Makes a Difference

Charlotte W.

Daisy's mindfulness and empathetic nature have been instrumental in me seeking out answers to my chronic health problems that have been dismissed by doctors for years. Daisy is kind and personable and extremely knowledgeable.  

Jill N.

If you have never tried Hypnobreathwork the way to go is with Spiritual Mixtape. Daisy Mack has a gift for creating playlists that complement her soothing voice and make it both a relaxing and energizing experience. Daisy is 

Noel D.

Daisy's Hypnobreathwork is AMAZING!! I feel energetic, clear-headed, have a clear purpose, and lots of positivity. I can’t tell you how wonderful I feel right now!! Having to set a frequency goal is something I will try to incorporate every day.

Bring Breathwork into Your Life

My Personal Road Trip

We all have a journey within us, a Road Trip to wellness, whether mental, physical or a bit of both. 

My wellness journey is lifelong and continuous with no particular point of origin, but with a destination that has brought sheer contentment, and an incredibly strong sense of belonging. 

Being a human is incredibly challenging.

If you don't have the right tools, this wildly beautiful adventure can turn into a horror show. My mission is to keep your toolkit well-stocked by:

  • Teaching the art of slowing down and expanding on the ways can truly enrich your life
  • Helping you learn proper breathing techniques
  • Introducing yoga as a philosophy, lifestyle, friend and healer.
  • Having a word with your inner critic and teaching them some better etiquette.
  • Helping you live in Harmony with your stress, because you'll never fully eliminate it.

My approach is simple, it is friendly and there is no Guru complex lurking around the corner. I simply found ways to make my life better and trained to get to a point where I could pass them on. 

Daisy x

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