The Backstage Pass is your ticket behind the curtain of your spiritual self.

Together we will create a tailored, 30 day programme to get you hitting your specific goal, opening pathways to accomplish true change. 

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We all do it.

We set ourselves up for change, to become a new us, to start building good habits into our daily lives.

Those gym classes, that meditation, the healthy eating.

Our best efforts often only stay good for a couple of weeks, then it is back to the old habits, simply because life gets in the way. 


The Backstage Pass frees you from the cycle of failed attempts, with solid accountability and support from a trained professional that actually cares about you.

Working together we will create a pathway to achieving exactly what you need to get done. With tailored, innovative breathwork techniques, we will clear your mind, sharpen your focus and move you into a state of action. 

This is cutting-edge shit! Endorsed by ancients, backed by science, tailored to fit modern living, this is a way for your spiritual transformation to begin, without having to make massive time/life sacrifices.

Your energy will be at an all-time high, your mind will be clear and you will be completely focused on the task at hand.

With a constant, personal Telegram dialogue, we will keep in touch, to keep you on track, to truly build you up for success. Its time to press play and start the spiritual journey that works in tandem with your life. 

What's Included

I will be your coach, just us, working together. We have two 75-minute private calls during the 30 days, one to get started, to set up where we need to get to, and one mid-month to double-check that everything is going smoothly. 
Accountability and motivation are the cornerstones of change. With a private Telegram for the full 30 days, you can text or voice message me any time at all. Hit a stumble, can’t figure out the next step, just get in touch and we can smooth it out together.
You will receive three breathworks tailored specifically for you and your goal. Combining cutting-edge, innovative techniques, you will learn to cleanse, focus and achieve through these super-effective breathwork mediations. We kick off with a little taster before we even meet, just to get you in the right headspace and we can hit the ground running.
Creating radical change never goes completely straightforward. When you need it most, we will get together for a 30-minute call to stabilise and ensure you are sticking to the correct path. I have got your back, and together we will crack this.
A full year’s access to our $333 membership group. With exclusive breathworks, group calls and a friendly community filled with fellow mixtapers and a lot of little extras, this is the space to keep the spiritual growth without being overwhelmed by it all.

BackStage Pass


  • 2 x 75-minute cutting-edge coaching calls

  •  30 Days of private Telegram access with your coach

  • 1 x 30-minute catchup call

  • 3 x tailored breathwork sessions

  • 1 Year Mixtape Membership Access