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The Backstage Pass

 A month-long journey to improved energy : built around our signature luxury coaching session The AAA, you begin with a cutting edge coaching session tailored to your needs. Using innovative techniques like Hypnobreathwork we work with you to find what’s blocking your energy, then together we make a plan to move you into flow and to ensure your success we keep you supported and accountable with 1on1 voxer chats and an additional bonus wrap up session.



  • Everyone around you is swinging into the new year full of cheer, but you can’t seem to find your holiday spirit. 

  • The festive season has you frazzled and struggling to manage your stress levels.
  • You know what you need to do to be more fulfilled, but you don’t have the energy or support to get there. 
  • You feel stuck, misaligned and disconnected from your true self and know you are meant for more. 
  • You’ve been exhausted for so long that you aren’t sure of the root cause anymore


  • Gain a toolkit of energy shifting techniques that help you find clarity and step you into your true self.
  • Unblock your emotions and thought patterns and transform your life
  • Learn how to use your breath to access new energy.
  • Calm your inner critic and harvest happier moments in your life
  • Manage, and live in harmony with, your stress levels
At the height of my career, I was vice president of an entertainment company in Los Angeles. I had the salary and status many dream of, but I was anxious, overweight, unable to sleep and utterly depleted, bouncing from one crisis to the next. I had no energy left and when my dads cancer got worse, I simply couldn’t cope anymore. I kept thinking"

With the goal to never let anyone else suffer the way I did, I  retrained, studied and talked to hundreds of people until I found a formula that worked. Using my background and love of music with cutting edge techniques like hypno breathwork, I have found that it is possible to restore access to your energy and bring you back to your true self. 



A chance to sample our luxury and tailored coaching experience, The AAA. 30 minutes of coaching, followed by a customized breathwork where we unblock, release and renew.


Access to the Spiritual Mixtape library featuring the energy mediation, the mixtape hypnobreathwork and habit trackers.


1 on 1 Voxer channel to stay in contact with us for all the support and accounability you need. 


Exclusive access to January’s Sunday Session event, so you can feel first hand the power of breathing as a community.


Bonus 30 minute wrap up session to ensure we need as strong as we start. 


 Are ready to jumpstart your new year resolutions with support and accountability. 

Learn how to use your breath to access new energy. 

Are ready to take advantage of the true spirit of a backstage pass we have opened up our site and minds to you. For the full 30 days you get access to our library of mediations and breathwork treasure, exclusive access to our community breathwork parties “Sunday Sessions” and access to a recording of your 1 on 1 session so you can play back your special tailored hypnobreathwork and dive deeper at your own pace.



Join us backstage... 

To celebrate the start of the new year we are offering a smorgsboard of our innovative and cutting edge tools to create 30 days to new energy!

I’M READY FOR 30 days of positive change


I couldn't wait to tell you that my energy levels are a lot better. Total change from recent crashes in the afternoon. You've moved something in my min through our session. Thank you so much. Love this journey. 

- John P