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Press Play is a breathwork journey that helps get you into action and put on the right track. Pressing Play on the things you want to do should be a lifestyle. Breathwork is like having a direct line to your inner well of courage.

Internal negotiations with fear and doubt should be challenges you don’t have. Instead, the things that hold us back should turn into the very motivation we need to step forward.


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We curate your unique path to wellness and help you press play, recreating that true to you feeling from your favorite mixtape when you were younger. 


Press PLAY

Health, wellness and spirituality discovered in your own way. 


I'm Daisy Mack, a Breathwork and Stress ManagementExpert, Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and Yoga Teacher. My purpose is guiding driven professionals to take a holistic approach to their health, wellness and self care.  


At the height of my corporate career I was Vice Present of an entertainment company in Los Angeles. I had the salary and status many dream of, but I was anxious, overweight, unable to sleep and utterly burnt out bouncing from one crisis to the next. When my dad's cancer got worse, I simply couldn't cope anymore. I kept thinking "I wish there was someone to help me" that request is now my purpose. 


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Together we'll work to :

  • Calm your inner critic and harvest happier moments 
  • Manage, and live in harmony with, your stress levels 
  • Help you find meaning in your unique role within a bigger purpose
  • untangle your self worth from your accomplishments and productivity
  • Learn how to breathe properly
  • Enjoy the art of slowing down
  • Heal the root causes instead of treating symptoms
  • Work to prevent disease and illness through small lifestyle changes 

Our Services:

Our custom approach to coaching blends wellness and stress management techniques to help you create harmony in your life and find your unique spiritual rhythm. We are pleased to integrate HypnoBreathwork® into our sessions

  • 1:1 Coaching
  • HypnoBreathwork® 
  • Ancient practices to restore healing, such as yoga meditation, sound healing 
  • Corporate and group trainings 




Transformational coaching with noticeable effects in the first three minutes of your session. 

Ancient Eastern techniques paired with cutting edge methods backed by today's science and research to deliver a holistic approach to your health and wellness. 
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