Thats it. 


Just one breath. 


Sure, we breathe all the time, that's a given, but devoting ten seconds to stopping everything and taking one big deep breath, slows the world for a microsecond, and brings much needed balance and refocus.


After the first step on any journey, you just keep going with the next, the same with breath. One deep fulfilling breath leads to the next and soon, it will be guiding you to places you never knew existed.

My life, like so many other people's,

was always focused on worth.

Financial, sure, but more an everyday sense of not being the person I knew I could be.


I had the great executive career, I had money to live as I pleased, but all I could feel was a sense that I was not worthy of it all. No matter how hard I worked, no matter how pleased I made my employers, there was always an emptiness, a feeling that there was more for me in this world.


It was then that I decided it was time to leave.


In this day and age, your work becomes your identity. Your whole life you are taught to focus on your career, to excel and exceed and keep growing and earning until you cannot earn any more. To suddenly go back on a lifetime of this thought process was not easy.


I took time out, and while this sounds great, it was actually the hardest part.

Without an identity, without a reason to get out of bed every day and DO, who was I, what was I? 

Fighting through those months of doing nothing, stopping myself at every turn from getting another job, from diving back into being busy, just to feel like I ‘should’ was not easy.


Through perseverance, curiosity, and a desire to be better, I eventually found my true self, the person defined by only my own expectations, not those of a corporation. No longer guilty when asked what I do for a living, happy just to BE.

I lived my whole working life with medical conditions that nobody could diagnose. I used prescription medicine that worked, then stopped working, then was switched to another to repeat the pattern.


I am sure we are all pretty familiar with this.


It wasn't until I embraced the idea that I needed to address the root of my problems. Stress.


Stress is Something That Creeps Into Our Lives in So Many Ways.

From the overwhelming work/life balance to simple things like the wifi dropping when you need to do stuff, stress can ruin your day, but the more it flows into your life, the worse the effects.

It was the moment someone I treasure deeply told me

‘You don’t know how to breathe’

that changed everything.


 The tools you have to change your life are within you. You use them every single second of every day, but without proper focus, without understanding, harnessing them is not easy.


The joy of breathwork was that its effects were instant, I could feel something working within me, the tingling, the rush of energy, the alteration of mood. While I love yoga and meditate every day, breathwork unlocked something in me so instant, so powerful, that I had to know more.


I dedicated the next few years of my life to truly understanding the science behind breathwork and how it tied into ancient Chinese philosophy, and the fundamental building blocks of who we are as a human race.

It was when I fused my deep love for music, with breathwork practices that Spiritual Mixtape was born.


The two clicked with such depth, that it was a lightbulb moment. That shared sense of love you get on a packed dancefloor, that rush of energy, of emotion, they were so similar to the feelings during breathwork, that I knew this was something I had to share with the world.


And here we are. Five years later, clients around the world, all breathing to the same beat, all experiencing the joy that breathwork, meditation, and self-improvement can bring.


To be able to teach, to allow these feelings to come out in other people is the ultimate pleasure for me. I am humbled, I am honored and more than that, I am dedicated to changing the consumer chaos we live in by focusing on the tools we already possess.


Give me a shout if you want to talk more about all that breathwork can bring to your life.


Daisy. x

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